Sustainability Statement

Our contribution to the Sustainability of the Environment

We are in the marketplace to formulate, manufacture and directly supply to end users, a series of epoxy resin products for the restoration, repair and conservation of buildings both fine and industrial, artefacts and furniture; we are often also called upon to install our resins for, as The National Trust have said, “having made the product and applied it…we know just where the buck stops!”

Our credentials for the work we do are those of spending twenty-four years with Ciba-Geigy Plastics division; starting off in a laboratory examining the corrosion control in industry, to general technical selling, then sales manager and finally back to Duxford to give technical support to industrial formulators. A desire to stay in Buxton and our first contract, which was to conserve by consolidation, the House of Lords ceiling carvings, saw me start my own small company and throughout, following safe practice in handling chemicals, the judicious use of guile and disposal of resins, hardeners and containers has been of great importance to us both in our private and our business lives.

The above should prove bona fides, so now to our business’ stance in practice of aiding the environment and our moves to this end.

We will, and do, follow the creed here set out:

We are committed to lowering our effect on the fragile environment by sensible methods of making our products, ensuring our customers are well versed in their safe handling right through to final disposal of these epoxy systems: a case in point? Always ensuring when disposing of resins and hardeners they are in the cured, infusible and thermoset state. We have concentrated on low viscosity formulations in a successful bid to keep away from solvents escaping to atmosphere, where we do make coatings they are based on emulsfiable mixes where water is the “solvent”.

Tony Grimes is both responsible for this document, ensuring his staff is aware of this statement and their personal involvement its implementation and the education of the final users in both safe handling and disposal of our diverse Bencon range: open, two way discussion is encouraged and works very well.

We encourage others to follow our moves towards paperless correspondence, the recycling of containers and wherever practical our buying preference is towards our local suppliers.

Tony Grimes

Signed, for Benring Limited-- A.T.Grimes. Managing Director and Industrial Chemist.

Dated: 22 July 2018

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