How much C-Guard Liquid Copper Antifoul do I need for my boat?

It is a fairly simple calculation to determine how much C-Guard Liquid Copper Marine Antifoul you will need to cover your boat.

This is the universal formula to calculate the surface area below the waterline that needs to be covered.

Surface area in m2 = length (at waterline) x (width + draft) x Hull coefficient

The hull coefficient is determined by the shape of the hull and is given in the table below.

Type of boat Hull coefficient
Sail Boat (Fin Keel) 0.50
Sail Boat (Full Keel / Bilge Keel) 0.75
Motor Boat 0.85

A 3kg (1.25 litres) pack of C-Guard Liquid Copper covers approximately 8m2.

Two coats of C-Guard Liquid Copper are recommended.

C-Guard 3kg packs needed = Total Surface Area (m2) / 8m2 (coverage rate) x 2 coats

Round your calculations up to the nearest whole pack.

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