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Bencon 20: Epoxy Consolidant

A two-part low viscosity, solvent free consolidant and crack injection.

A two-component low viscosity epoxy resin system. The resin is virtually colourless and is mixed in the ratio 100 parts by weight (pbw) with 20 pbw of the hardener, again almost colourless, to provide a cold or warm setting consolidant, principally for timber. BENCON 20 timber consolidant is an extremely useful product for limited consolidation of medium to badly infested, rotten or tack damaged timber furniture or other artefacts and may be used in conjunction with BENCON 22 Epoxy Paste to re-make surfaces and even intricate profiles.

Sizes: 0.6kg: £35.82 Inc VAT | 1.2kg: £55.38 Inc VAT.

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Bencon 22: Epoxy Wood

Two-part epoxy paste "plastic wood", carvable and mouldable.

A two component system. The resin component is a light brown epoxy resin paste which is mixed in equal parts with the hardener, which is friable and dark brown, to provide a cold setting wood-like material. BENCON 22 epoxy wood paste is well suited for facing-off beam repairs where the uncured material may be grained to match the existing timber and for filling in conjunction with BENCON grouting or consolidation systems, tack damaged, rotten or woodworm infested furniture and similar items.

Sizes: 0.1kg: £16.61 Inc VAT | 0.5kg: £28.99 Inc VAT | 1.0kg: £55.58 Inc VAT | 2.0kg: £106.51 Inc VAT.

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Bencon 23: Structural Grout

Three-part pourable grout, structural grade.

A three component, pourable epoxy resin system for use as a structural grout. The resin is of a light colour, which is mixed in the ratio of 100 parts by weight (pbw) with 20 pbw of the hardener - an almost colour-less liquid - to provide a base for the addition of the ffiller component, consisting of carefully graded silica aggregates. The system is either cold or warm setting to give a structurally discrete back-fill, principally for timber repairs. BENCON 23 structural grout is a versatile product for in-situ repairs to rotten, insect or fire damaged timbers to re-fashion joints, breaks or shakes: the system is recommended for use with BENCON 24 epoxy/glass pultruded rods where their strength, corrosion resistance and compatibility with the epoxy grout makes them superior to mild or stainless steel reinforcement.

Size: 5.0kg: £63.26 Inc VAT.

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Bencon 24: Epoxy / Glass Dowels

Epoxy / glass dowels.

Epoxy/glass dowels, exhibiting great strength, they are comparable in strength to steel rods of similar diameter but, being one quarter the weight, are more easily handled on site. Used in conjunction with BENCON 23 grout, (see above), for wall stitching and furniture restoration.

Prices are per linear metre (LM). Please select size and use the quantity box to order the number of linear metres you require.

Sizes: 3mm: £7.42/LM Inc VAT | 5mm: £14.63/LM Inc VAT | 6mm: £21.84/LM Inc VAT | 8mm: £27.30/LM Inc VAT | 10mm: £32.77/LM Inc VAT | 13mm: £36.41/LM Inc VAT | 19mm: £75.12/LM Inc VAT.

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Bencon 27: Thixotropic Adhesive

Two-part thixotropic adhesive, low slump.

A two component solvent-free, thixotropic epoxy resin adhesive capable of cure in cold, damp or dry conditions and is presented in open-top containers. BENCON 27 has been formulated as a general purpose adhesive for bonding ceramics, metals, glass, some plastics, rubber and stone.

Sizes: 0.5kg: £27.72 Inc VAT | 1.0kg: £50.58 Inc VAT.

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Bencon 29: Flooring - Mortar Screed

Three-part mortar screed, heavy duty flooring.

Three part mortar screed for flooring, (either whole-floor or patch-repairs), and is a three part system of resin, hardener, and a mix of graded silica sands and flours; it is particularly noted for ease of use, chemical resistance, durability and mechanical strength.

Size: 25.0kg: £126.36 Inc VAT.

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Bencon 39: Floor and Wall Coating and Sealer

Two-part water dispersible coating system, flooring and DPC.

Two part epoxy, water dispersible, chemical resistant, coating system for floors and as a liquid applied DPC. This almost odour-free product is ideal for use on cementitious screeds, where it provides an easily cleaned surface. It forms a semi-flexible, lustreless finish and may be made completely non-slip for pedestrian walkways.

Sizes: 2.5kg: £50.18 Inc VAT | 5.0kg: £96.90 Inc VAT.

Note: Colours are available at an extra cost of 2.5%. Please contact us to discuss colour options and to place your order.

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Bencon 50: Resorcinol Adhesive

Two-part Resorcinol adhesive. WBP to BS 1204.

Two part resorcinol adhesive which is classified “weather and boil resistant" and conforms to BS1204 (parts 1 & 2) and BS1203 (WBP). Of our products, the only non-epoxy, it is in demand for laminating multi-ply boats, long bows and so on, although it is principally in the manufacture of timber beams that it finds its niche.

Sizes: 1.0kg: £31.57 Inc VAT | 2.0kg: £59.81 Inc VAT | 5.0kg: £140.02 Inc VAT.

Bencon 50: Resorcinol Adhesive
SKU Bencon 50
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BENEPOX 40: Twin Tube Epoxy Adhesive

Twin-tube epoxy adhesive + mixing nozzle, 0.4kg.

A “one shot”, two part, thixotropic, solvent-free epoxy resin adhesive. Applied in a single action to produce a cost effective, tough, chemical resistant fixing, BENEPOX 40 is suitable for bonding wall ties, starter bars, studs, bolts and large screws into a wide range of substrates including brick, concrete, masonry, stone and steel, BENEPOX 40.

Mixing may be by twin sealant gun or by removal of the mixer spiral from the nozzle, extruding onto a spot board in order to mix the two pastes to a uniform colour.

Colours: Grey or Red.

Size: 400ml / 0.4kg easy-to-use cartridge system incl. a single mixer nozzle: £23.15 Inc VAT.

Bulk order option: order 10 or more at £19.66 Inc VAT each and receive a free applicator gun.

Optional extras: Applicator Gun: £43.20 Inc VAT | Additional Nozzles: £1.54 Inc VAT each.

BENEPOX 40: Twin Tube Epoxy Adhesive
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Side-By-Side Mixer / Applicator Gun

Side-by-Side Mixer / Applicator Gun (for BENEPOX 40)

Heavy duty side-by-side mixer gun for easy application of BENEPOX 40.

Price: £43.20 Inc VAT.

Side-By-Side Mixer / Applicator Gun
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Spare Mixing Nozzles

Spare Mixing Nozzles (for BENEPOX 40)

All our BENEPOX 40 dual cartridges come with a free mixing nozzle for easy application but if you need extra you can order them here.

Price: £1.54 Inc VAT each.

Spare Mixing Nozzles
(Excl. tax)

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