A two-part low viscosity, solvent free consolidant and crack injection.

A two-component low viscosity epoxy resin system. The resin is virtually colourless and is mixed in the ratio 100 parts by weight (pbw) with 20 pbw of the hardener, again almost colourless, to provide a cold or warm setting consolidant, principally for timber. BENCON 20 timber consolidant is an extremely useful product for limited consolidation of medium to badly infested, rotten or tack damaged timber furniture or other artefacts and may be used in conjunction with BENCON 22 Epoxy Paste to re-make surfaces and even intricate profiles.

Sizes: 0.6kg: £35.82 Inc VAT | 1.2kg: £55.38 Inc VAT.

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Bencon 20: Epoxy Consolidant

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