Epoxy / glass dowels.

Epoxy/glass dowels, exhibiting great strength, they are comparable in strength to steel rods of similar diameter but, being one quarter the weight, are more easily handled on site. Used in conjunction with BENCON 23 Structural Grout for wall stitching and furniture restoration.

Prices are per linear metre (LM). Please select size and use the quantity box to order the number of linear metres you require.

Sizes (diameter):

  • 3mm: £7.14/LM Inc VAT
  • 5mm: £14.08/LM Inc VAT
  • 6mm: £21.00/LM Inc VAT
  • 8mm: £26.26/LM Inc VAT
  • 10mm: £31.51/LM Inc VAT
  • 13mm: £35.02/LM Inc VAT
  • 19mm: £72.32/LM Inc VAT

Carriage/Delivery charge is based on weight of the product deliverd by Parcelforce 48 In mainland UK.

Due to the volatile price of raw materials we have temporarily disabled our online shop.
Please get in touch via phone or email for current prices or to place an order.

For orders outside of the UK please phone or email.

Bencon 24: Epoxy / Glass Dowels

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