Three-part pourable grout, structural grade.

A three component, pourable epoxy resin system for use as a structural grout. The resin is of a light colour, which is mixed in the ratio of 100 parts by weight (pbw) with 20 pbw of the hardener - an almost colour-less liquid - to provide a base for the addition of the ffiller component, consisting of carefully graded silica aggregates. The system is either cold or warm setting to give a structurally discrete back-fill, principally for timber repairs. BENCON 23 structural grout is a versatile product for in-situ repairs to rotten, insect or fire damaged timbers to re-fashion joints, breaks or shakes: the system is recommended for use with BENCON 24 epoxy/glass pultruded rods where their strength, corrosion resistance and compatibility with the epoxy grout makes them superior to mild or stainless steel reinforcement.

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Bencon 23: Structural Grout

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