Typical Projects

A Selection of Typical Projects using our Epoxy Resin Products


Bafra Members Conservation works
Buckingham Palace Furniture repairs and conservation
Diocese of Derby Remaking of church window
Derek Latham Architects Repair of statue of Mercury which was spalling (blowing apart as iron inserts expanded due to rusting)
Donald Insall & Associates House of Lords Ceiling & Peers Lobby
Haydon & Co Ltd Conservation works
Knebworth House Conservation works
Hardwick Hall, Chesterfield Conservation works
Tate Gallery Conservation works
Tootal Calprina Reinstatement of corroded flooring
Victoria & Albert Museum Conservation works and supply of epoxy resins for consolidation and adhesives
Windsor Castle Conservation works
Mowlem Rattee & Kett Queens College, Cambridge; Injection of resin between marble stairway and concrete to fill gap
Whaley Bridge House stabilisation by gluing
St. Johns Road, Buxton Stabilisation with adhesive and epoxy/glass dowels
Buxton Opera House Building restoration and repairs to timber wall plate
St.Matthews Church, Hayfield Non-slip finish to footpath constructed of grave stones

Buckingham Palace


Diocese of Winchester Timber repairs to bell chamber beams
Diocese of Ely Massive post in Lantern tower
House of Lords Peers Lobby Consolidation of debased timber
Gulliver Timber Treatments Timber Repairs and secondment of staff to specialist contractor. St Bartholomew's Church, Otford; St. Johns Church, Croydon; Kenward Farmhhouse, Yalding; Penshurst Place, Kent
Hatfield House Real Tennis Court, major window repairs
Travis & Arnold Long Eaton; Listed building used as warehouse
Buxton Opera House Repairs to timber wall plate
Mowlem Rattee & Kett Queens College, Cambridge; Timber repairs
National Trust Hardwick Hall, Chesterfield, consolidation of window timbers; Supply of resins and training of staff
Newcastle Museums Service Consolidation of wooden mining artefacts
Sandwell MBC The Oak House; Major repairs to The Oak House Museum; Registrars building; Repairs to Queen Posts in roof space
Stuart Page Architects Ightham Mote, Sevenoaks
National Trust Glynde Place, Glyndebourne (for overseeing architects)

Horningsea, Cambridge, timber resin repairs - before Horningsea, Cambridge, timber resin repairs - after


G A Property Services Concrete repairs
Tameside MBC Carbrook Reservoir,Nr. Mossley; Spillways; Repairs to damaged expansion joint nosings (edges) with epoxy mortar; remaking joints with polyurethane sealant. Entry flume. Repair to spalled concrete with heavy duty epoxy resin mortar

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