Project case histories illustrating Benring's resin systems expertise

A diverse and, we hope, interesting selection of project case histories demonstrating our extensive experience of supplying and applying our own formulated resin based repair and protection systems. With a lifetime of experience and a wealth of knowledge Tony Grimes and his Benring operatives have worked on an incredible range of projects and provided resin-based solutions to many problems encountered within the building and construction industries, repair, conservation and restoration of buildings and fine artefacts.

19th Century Violin Repairs

Bencon 20 Epoxy Resin used to repair fine 19th century Italian violin

Matthew Wing is a professional restorer of violins and other string instruments based in Walthamstow. This can be an incredibly delicate task and instruments are often very old and of high value, so you've got to get it right! We were fascinated to learn how Matthew uses our Bencon 20 product to fill worm tracks within the body of the instruments that he restores, and the incredible care taken to get it right.

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Conserving a Mathematical Bridge

Wightwick Manor Mathematical Bridge

Conserving the Mathematical Bridge at Wightwick Manor, Wolverhampton

As far as we can gather, there are just three of these amazing bridges in Britain, in Cambridge, Oxford(ish) and Wolverhampton, with the latter being the one retaining most of its original timber.

Benring was given the task of repairing quite a few rot-spots on these timbers by judicious use of Bencon epoxy resin products - camouflaging the repairs was necessary in order to present as perfect a structure as possible to the onlooker.

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