Helping to conserve Upton House Mirror Pool

Bencon 39 Epoxy Resin:
helps conserve the National Trust's Upton House Mirror Pool

It had been discovered that the 1930s constructed lining of the Mirror Pool in the gardens of Upton House was leaking: the pond has a “puddled” clay lining to the bottom and there’s a small dam to one end which seems built of stone and with a cementitious screed to the inner face, this to make quite sure the whole is watertight. The pond is fed from a small stream / spring at one end and spills through at the other courtesy of a drainpipe set in order to make sure the right level of water is maintained.

Bencon39 epoxy resin

We were instructed to coat the inner face of the dam as insurance that no leaking would be encountered, a completely new clay liner would be installed afterwards. Bencon 39, a water dispersible epoxy resin, was chosen for the coating with the proviso that Benring Contracts Business Centre applied it:

“you formulated and make it and you apply it for us—the buck stops with you!”

Our team, using a Wagner Pro 119 Airless Spray gun, applied four thin coats of Bencon 39 over three days and left them to cure; the dam is now ready to receive its new clay base, which will butt-up to the Bencon protected dam face.

Bencon39 epoxy resin

To learn more about Upton House Mirror Pool visit the National Trust site here:

BENCON 39 FLOOR AND WALL COATING & SEALER: A water dispersible epoxy resin floor and wall coating and sealer. It is a virtually odourless system for use on cementitious surfaces to provide an easily cleaned surface resistant to penetration a wide range of oils and liquids. It is suitable for areas subject to pedestrian and light vehicular traffic and will withstand positive water pressure.

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