Polegate Windmill

Restored Windmill at Polegate uses Bencon 22 Epoxy Wood

Polegate Windmill was built in 1817 for Joseph Seymour. It continued to be operated by wind until 1943, when the fan-staging became unsafe. The mill was then powered by electricity until 1965 when it ceased operating commercially.

Earlier in 1952 Polegate Windmill was listed as a Grade II* building of historic interest. Concerns about its fate and other buildings like it during the early 1960s resulted in the formation of the Eastbourne and District Preservation Society.

The windmill was purchased and restored by the Eastbourne and District Preservation Trust in the late 1960s. They continue to maintain and operate it as a museum showcasing what is now the oldest working Tower Mill in the South East.

Benring is delighted that the Trust have found our Bencon 22 Epoxy Wood to be such a useful product in their ongoing task to maintain and manage Polegate Windmill for Future Generations.

Polegate Windmill

Epoxy Wood used at Polegate Windmill

Dear Mr Bencon,

Thank you very much for all the help and advice you have given me for using your splendid filler.

The enclosed photograph shows the 9” x 9” horizontal beam upon which the vertical pillar sits. This latter sits on a wood plate and is mortised into it. The plate covers a hole which is now filled with Bencon 22 Epoxy Wood. I also enclose a Polegate Windmill leaflet that I thought you may find interesting.

Should you find yourself going to our area do telephone me in advance and we will try to arrange a guided tour around the mill.

With many thanks and belated Christmas Greetings.

Laurence Stevens
Eastbourne and District Preservation Trust Ltd.


BENCON 22 EPOXY WOOD is a two component system. The resin component is a light brown epoxy resin paste which is mixed in equal parts with the hardener, which is friable and dark brown, to provide a cold setting wood-like material. BENCON 22 epoxy wood paste is well suited for facing-off beam repairs where the uncured material may be grained to match the existing timber and for filling in conjunction with BENCON grouting or consolidation systems, tack damaged, rotten or woodworm infested furniture and similar items.

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